Philosophy and Beliefs



The school counselors believe:
          • All students have dignity and worth and have the right to be served by a

            comprehensive school counseling program.
          • All students have a capacity to learn and to be supported academically.
          • All students will be provided with a school counseling program that will be

            consistent with expected developmental stages of learning and differences in learning styles.

 And that the school counseling program should:
          • Be planned and coordinated by state-certified school counselors in consultation with other representatives of

            the school and community.
          • Engage students in classroom, group and/or individual activities to enhance student learning.
          • Provide academic, career, personal and social development for every student.
          • Use data to drive the program development and evaluation, and actively monitor student results.

 And that all school counselors:
          • Abide by the professional school counseling ethics as advocated by the American School Counselor

          • Shall participate in professional development essential to maintain a quality school counseling program.