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Dangers with COVID19 Home Tests and Poisoning. 

At Home COVID Tests Storage Article

The school nurse office is not just for sick students. Resources, reassurance and real talk are just some of the services provided (there may be a snack and some conversation too). 

Introduce yourself, turn in your emergency card and let's start a journey to great health together. Mrs. Marshall 

With the year we have had recently kids have been less than active both physically and mentally. Take a look at the link for some ideas to get moving, eat better and feel amazeballs. 

Staying at a Healthy Weight for Teens

Feeling a little 'off', confused, or sad? Adults too!! Here in the nurses office your feelings are just as important as your body. Did you know that if you feel sad that it can show as a stomach ache, headache or just plain tired? Check out the link below. 

Finding Low Cost Mental Health Care for Teens

Immunizations are to protect from illness. Here's a guide to help with some of the anticipation (vocab word!) of a shot. 

5 Tips for Surviving Shots for Teens

Fall will be here before you know it and if sports is on your mind you will need a DIAA physical BEFORE you participate. Here is the link. Show your GMS Knight Pride!!!

 Students must have a DIAA physical signed by a doctor, student history form and student athlete medical card. ALL FORMS must be filled out completely and signed before being turned in to the nurse office. Forms are provided below. 

DIAA Physical and Consent Forms

Asociación Atlética Interescolar de DelawareFormulario de evaluación física/consentimiento previo a la participación

Sometimes everyone needs a break, including students. Prevent the shutdown mentally and give yourself the gift of a deep breath! 

When the Nurses Office is a Refuge